Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Peugeots' & Renaults' DRM

The Financial Times presents a DRM story today as some kind of scoop, while it not really is one. EMI France and retailer Fnac are said to have been accused of selling DRMed CD's that can't be played on some computers and car stereos. The article talks about legal action as something new, while this is a story long gone. There have been several legal cases in 2003, which address the correct labeling of CDs and protection of consumers against being mislead in substantial characteristics of the product. In one of them EMI France was condemned to label their CD's correctly, and in another one EMI France is ordered to refund someone all 9.50 euros for her unplayable CD. WOW! (Link to the French texts: choose the first two on the list and push the Qui button if you agree with the copyright policy. Or not agree, and want to read them anyway.)

The decisions are also interesting for French car lovers: Renaults and Peugeots are scattered throughout.

By the way, anyone who wants to see the pit of hell, try to go shopping at the Fnac in Les Halles near the Tuileries in Paris on a Saturday.


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