Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Vangelis Confronts European Commission

The consultation by the EU Commission on the Commuication on copyright collecting societies, titled "The Management of Copyright and Related Rights in the Internal Market"(PDF), resulted in a list of 97 public answers by 105 organisations.
There even is a reaction by the Greek Keyboard God Vangelis! He has got an interesting opinion of human rights:
The right of choice for an artist to control certain aspects relating to the destiny of his works is deriving from and characteristic of our European Culture and the Civilized World, it is the utmost of human rights. (Italics added)
Personally I think Vangelis' take on human rights is somewhat of the Richter. Maybe he should think of Creative Commons licensing, a scheme that has more than a bit of friction with collecting societies. Though I don't see much creatvity in pushing a button on your Yamaha sound organ. wink


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