Friday, November 12, 2004

Micrsoft's New Search Engine & Filtering

Microsoft has launched its new search engine and the first reactions don't look very good. They had some problems with the launch, but then the search engine itself has a problem: it doesn't seem to offer any features to compete with Yahoo!, let alone Google. And some competition is needed, even if Google produces a "Do No Evil" declaration every single day for the rest of its ever dominating rule.

Something else bothered me about the MSN search. Maybe it's something that has to get bugged out, or to be added, or, .... I don't know, for some reason the image search displayed no (porno)graphic images, even with the SafeSearch filter turned off. Not as much a dirty mind, my interest was triggered by the filtering options that Google offers its European customers ( noSafeSearch setting choice and some kind of, I guess, standardized moderate filtering. I haven't been able to turn up one single slightly sexual photo. What does that say of MSN's database? Probably nothing, maybe a lot.


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