Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Copyright, Slavery

The Plan, pioneers from the German neue welle, have a new album out with a fantastic song: Copyright Slavery. There's a great video, which can be viewed here. The lyrics, sung by a children's choir, go like this, in German with English translation:
Software kann man nicht stehlen,
Ideen sind frei.
Copyright, Sklaverei.

Software you can't steal,
Ideas are free.
Copyright, Slavery.
Singer Moritz R gives his vision on a future under copyright slavery:
"In the future people have no choice but pay up to get their music together with videos from the Internet. The files will destroy themselves automatically after they've been played three times, after which you have to buy them again. Mobile playing devices will disappear, instead Polish wage slaves will sing the songs quiet in the ear."
On the choice to use a children's choir:
"In this case it completely particularly fits, because it are the children, whose future is robbed by copyright. You should imagine: one grows into a world, in which innumerable things are not permitted, only because some dead ancestor has claimed his "rights". Surely, the question is much more complicated than such a simple song can express, butsociety must really consider whether the patent law does not do us more harm than good."
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