Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Fear of God/Bush

The muscular language coming from the US is not limited to the politics of evil & freedom. The aggressive pursuit of copyright enforcement in foreign countries more than once shows the one-dimensional mindset of its trading policies. The fight of worldwide piracy is a holy war build on scare tactics, according to the US Assistant Secretary of Commerce William Lash. Speaking to regional business leaders:
"I'll be very blunt, gentlemen - we use whatever means necessary, any stick in a fight," said Lash, an assistant secretary of commerce.

"We've managed to put the fear of - I won't say of God, but of Bush - in a lot of countries," Lash said. "Only one person in that room represents a super power and you have to act accordingly."

It may be a good message in the US, it sounds like bullying paranoia to this European reader. Bring that message to the Chinese, and see how scared they really are of God, eh, Bush.

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