Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Copyright/Copyleft Myths

Lawrence Liang, Atrayee Mazmdar and Mayur Suresh try to debunk some copy- right & left myths with special focus on India in their Copyright/Copyleft: Myths about Copyright.

From the intrioduction:
This brief concept paper seeks to identify and interrogate some of the assumptions that underlie most media stories about copyright. The greatest success of the concept of copyright has been its successful elevation to the status of myth through the constant rendering of certain familiar figures (the poor struggling author), arguments (people deserve to own the fruit of their labour) and rhetorical data (billions of dollars lost due to piracy). By specifically labelling these assumptions myths, we seek to question their truth premise. This is, however, a task that has just begun and we shall have to work collectively to strive towards making arguments that go beyond merely providing counter-facts if we are to effectively counter the totalising rhetoric of copyright.


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