Thursday, February 17, 2005

DJ Pirate Fined 1,4 Million Euros!

This French Yahoo! News report is very low on details, but it brings a bewildering story: an Italian DJ has been condemned to pay a record fine of 1,4 million Euros for using pirated material in a night club close to Rome. The police of the Italian city of Rieti explained that it has searched a night club this week and seized 500 illegal music videos and more than 2000 MP3 files. The police also said that the DJ was "well-known". The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry commented that such a fine had never been imposed on a private individual.
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Thru musique libre
Later: The news spins fast: Techdirt has a comment and a link to a Reuters story that does not bring any more details.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's too exagerated, especially for mp3 music you normally download through limewire or different sharing networks. It's not fair. It's a free world. Europe sucks on the pirating campaign.

17/12/06 03:09  

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