Tuesday, March 22, 2005

AFP v. Google Court Filings

For those interested in the $17.5 million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit of Agence France Press (AFP) against Google over Goolge News, the full text of AFP's court filings can now be found at the SEW Blog. AFP claims, amongst others: copyright infringement in AFP's photographs, headlines, story leads and the removal or alteration of copyright management information.
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This Techdirt post on the story brings a discussion about robot.txt files
Analysis at the Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Update (22/3): Stop reading those docs! Google has decided to remove the links to AFP in a reaction to the lawsuit:
"We allow publishers to opt out of Google News. Most, however, want to be included in Google News because they believe it's a benefit to them and their readers," says Google
Thru Techdirt, which says AFP will become less relevant now


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