Thursday, April 21, 2005

Finland Joins the Privatized Copyright Policement Club

It seems like the entertainment industry is slowly getting legislative foothold in its enforcement efforts, spreading from the US to Western and now North-Western Europe. The Finish Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFFI) reports on a statement by the parliament legislative committee on the revision of the new Finnish copyright law. EFFI notes two proposals in this statement that have been in effect elsewhere for long and would bring copyrightholders, after obtaining a court order, a right to let the ISP:
-provide a user's identity behind an IP address, if there are suspicions of copyright violations

-disconnect the internet connections of violating parties, if "the economic damage caused by the actions of the user became notable"
This shows just another step of the privatization of copyright enforcement assisted by public policy decisions. The mere suspicion of copyright violations may trigger a court (order) procedure in which alledged copyright infringement would lead to a real privacy infringement. Finland will now have it all, no longer the country so sadly neglected and often ignored.
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