Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ireland: Intellectual Property Heaven

This article cries hallelujah over Ireland as the IP heaven for commercial companies. It claims that Ireland's fiscal regime and IP laws and enforcement are. In fact, they are crowned king of the European Hill: "no country in Europe that can say it has a better statutory framework when it comes to IP." So, watch out you Irish pirates rovers!

The best part is its introduction, which claims that Ireland is the birthplace of copyright, some 15 centuries ago:
Many studies on the topic of copyright commence with the tale of St Colmcille in Ireland, who copied a gospel manuscript which belonged to St Fintan without his consent. St Fintan reported the matter to the High King of Ireland, who decided to hold an ecclesiastical court to rule on the matter; and in a judgment which would have consequences for centuries to come, he stated: "To every cow its calf, to every book its copy."
I guess I missed that tale, unlike Solomon's biblical open source proposal to do some forking...


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