Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Star Wars: Turkish Rip, Mix, Burn

Who wants to see the latest Star Wars movie, when you can get the not-so-real thing: Turkish Star Wars (Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam aka "The Man Who Saves the World" - IMDB). Thanks to relaxed Turkish copyright laws this 1982 cult movie is full of images from the original Star Wars and a loosely borrowed story line, played out on remix of the sound tracks of Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Arc, Moonraker, Flash Gordon and Planet of the Apes. A rip-off fest of true magnificence, which apparently "is not, however, a meaningless rip-off. The movie was made soon after the 1980 coup in Turkey and does have political messages about the gangs, corruption and chaos that followed."

Enjoy some blatantly horrible special effects, sci-fi kung-fu extravaganza and dialogue George Lucas could not dream up:
"Turkish Han Solo": What's on the menu?
Little Boy: Fried insects and boiled snake.
"Turkish Han Solo": Yuck! I won't eat that!
"Turkish Luke Skywalker": Come on man! If you don't eat, your handsome looks will deteriorate.
"Turkish Luke Skywalker": [W]e must go beyond the space speed, be ready to welcome arrivers.
"Turkish Han Solo": These are too ugly, it would be better if some girls come with mini skirts.
I'll be in Turkey the coming week and will try to pick up a copy of the movie. Along with some of these '80s Star Wars action figures bootlegs, unlicensed and very expensive:

Yes, this Turkish Imperial Gunner is running the Death Star's planet evaporating superlaser from behind a calculator.
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Watch some fantastic clips form the Turkish Star Wars here ("Getting in Shape" scene makes Rocky look like a lightweight)
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