Monday, June 06, 2005

Jot: British Minister Seeks Copyright Extension

Britain's new Minister for Creative Industries and Tourism, James Purnell, apparently plans to walk the US trail on copyright protection of popular music and is likely to announce the plans on an extension of its length next week :
"Finding talent and artists is expensive," Mr Purnell said. "There is a view that long-term earners are needed so that the record companies can plough money back into unearthing talent."

"Bands like Coldplay will make enough money for their company to discover around 50 or 100 bands."


Anonymous Branko Collin said...

Hey Rik, what is your source for this story? I have got the feeling that a lot of people are confusing copyrights and recording rights, based on a clueless seeming article in a news paper called The Scottsman.

12/6/05 15:11  
Blogger Rik Lambers said...

Hi Branko,

Sorry for the late reaction. I probably should have pointed out, as you did, that this is about the extension of the copyright for performers, rather than on the composition of the songs. You've probably read this Wired piece in the meantime.

(BTW, Schiffmacher lost his tatoo case in February, a summary is available in the latest Mediaforum.)

17/6/05 03:07  

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