Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dutch Collection Organisation Sets Podcasting Rates

The Dutch collection organisation for composers, lyricists and music publishers, BUMA/STEMRA has come up with licensing rates for podcasting. The license structure looks much like that for webcasting, of which the organisation thinks podcasting is a comparable form. Commercial podcasters will have to pay a minimum of 85 euros, and amateurs can get a license for 35 euros per month for an unlimited amount of podcasts.

The rate for amateurs seems rather high, coming to 420 euros per year. (And other collection organisations might set their own, additional rates.) BUMA/STEMRA has said it will trust podcasters that they will notify the organisation of podcasts that include music and pay the set rate. If enforcement of this license system will follow in the future, how many amateur podcasters will stop playing music (and making some promotion for the musicians they plug)? Are amateur podcasts set to become the new talk radio? Or will amateurs start to pick up some instruments themselves?
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Thru Emerce [Dutch]


Anonymous Hugo Schotman said...

What I would like to know is: what is the jurisdiction of such contracts? ...

21/7/05 17:31  

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