Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Scientology to Face Judgment Day

The Dutch Supreme Court will provide a ruling on the Church of Scientolgy. That is, if the Court will follow the advice [Dutch - PDF] of its independent counsel, Advocaat-Generaal Verkade., which is more than likely. Verkade wrote that the Supreme Court could and should judge the Scientology-case at least in the interest of the unity and development of law and the general interest.

Scientology tried to withdraw its appeal to the Supreme Court at the last moment after the same Advocaat-Generaal Verkade dismissed Scientology's crafting of copyright to suppress the freedom of speech in an earlier advice. His latest advice is great news for ISP XS4ALL and writer Karin Spaink, which have been involved in legal proceedings against Scientology for over ten years [Background is provided in the last link provided above]. Finally Scientology's legal scare tactics will be judged at the highest instance, and likely condemned.
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Press release XS4ALL [Dutch]


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