Saturday, August 28, 2004

Long John Ashcroft

Where chastity rules, rules dictatorship.
Jan Wolkers

When the U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft isn't too busy with downsizing constitutional rights in the godgiven War on Terrorism, then he is focusing on one of his other Wars. The War on Drugs always is a favorite, and the War on File Sharing freshly started, but nothing makes him feel like a man as the War on Porn. Long John Ashcroft is the biggest porn star in his self-directed movie.

In Wired an article on an old porn law, revived and aimed at the nodes of control in the distribution chain of this dirty speech: not just the producers, but the disseminators are focus of the crack down. What's next? Prosecution for reading porn? Criminal punishment for sexual acts in the confines of one's own home? Oh, wait, that's no future fear, that's reality now. In the U.S., where Ahscroft's armies march under the dictatorship of chastity.
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