Monday, September 20, 2004

Creative Commons Interview

At the INDICARE site there's a lenghthy interview with Professor Thomas Dreier on the many facets of Creative Commons licensing. Here's the abstract:
Creative Commons (CC) as standardised licensing agreements for digital goods were introduced in Germany on 11 June 2004. Professor Thomas Dreier, the Director of the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (ZAR) at the University of Karlsruhe, played a leading role in adapting CC to German Copyright Law. Among Thomas Dreier’s areas of specialisation are legal issues of the information society. He is acknowledged nationally and internationally as an outstanding expert on copyright matters related to new technologies. The interview conducted by Bettina-Johanna Krings, ITAS, focuses on Creative Commons exploring the foundations of the CC, problems of adaptation to national law, the personal motivations of Prof. Dreier to support this new approach, limitations of CC, their role with respect to innovation, DRM and commercial interests, and finally scientific publishing.


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