Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Die Gedanke Sind Nicht Frei

I don't know how I could have overlooked this little gem: a stream of Eben Moglen's keynote at Wizards of OS: Die Gedanken Sind Frei: The Free Software Movement and the Struggle for The Freedom of Thought. The single time I met Moglen was when he gave a 45 minute redress to one of my papers, using its content as a springboard for unrelated, but brilliant propaganda for free software and WiFi.

Not surprisingly the message of this speech is much the same: Futopia now! WiFi will set us free. We've got the technical tools to realize true freedom of thought. Freedom not as some sort of utopian longing, but now, in this and the coming generations. How? Listen to nearly sixty minutes of pure eloquence from the Word Wizard of FOS.
Some sparks:
-Perpetuation of ignorance is the beginning of slavery.
-As dreams confront unexpected realities and the dreamer has little choice but to lash out to against the tyranny of fact.
-Ours is an ideology of change not of what might be, but what already is.
-Practical revolution is based on two concepts: Proof of concept and running code.
-Proof of concept + running code = revolution.
-Artists Will Rule
-We can eradicate ignorance at the cost of a few. We have to do it.
-Spectrum allocation is an evil who's time has come.
-Without the free exchange of ideas science is the servant of inequality.
And WiFi spreads on, now.


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