Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bizarro Lessig Wins Lawsuit

Yeah! An' he is a friend, Jerry. He is reliable. He is considerate. He's like your, exact opposite.

So he's Bizarro Jerry!

[pause] Bizarro Jerry?

Yeah. Like Bizarro Superman. Superman's exact opposite, who lives in the backwards bizarro world. Up is Down. Down is Up. He says "Hello" when he leaves, "Good bye" when he arrives.

The Bizarro Jerry - Seinfeld

The Bizarro Lessig is called Zheng Chengsi and lives in China, the bizarro USA, where copyrights do not go on for unlimited times, but are violated the moment they see the light of day. Bizarro Lessig is also a renowned Intellectual Property professor and has, like the real Lessig, written several books on the subject. But, when it comes to copyrights, Bizarro Lessig stands on the opposite side of the trenches, proving his book on piracy: Knowing the Enemy and Yourself; Winning the Intellectual Property War. Unlike Lessig, Bizarro Lessig actually won an Intellectual Property battle in court recently. Being the opposite of Lessig, he did not focus on abstract constitutional theories to diminish the scope of copyright. Instead Bizarro Lessig sought to strongly enforce the copyrights on his own books, which where distributed for free online by a third party. An act that Lessig would have approved, as his opposite, provided they were published under a Creative Commons license. Of course they were not, because Bizarro Lessig is a creative communist, getting the best out of IP law for his own gain. But then Lessig is a creative commonist, trying to put the best of the current bizarro U.S. copyright back in IP law for the public good. Maybe they should trade worlds: Bizarro Lessig would feel in copyright heaven, being the opposite of bizarro China. And Lessig? He could finally unbutton his shirt in a telephone booth to unveil the red commi cape he is always wearing under his suit.
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