Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Free Software Magazine Online

The first issue of the Free Software Magazine is online now. Articles on (free) file formats and the future of intellectual freedom, the commons & ideas, live CDs, the free software movement, the competitive advantage of freedom, Richard Stallman's blog, and more. Of (my) special interest: The Content Tail Wags the IT Dog by Daniel James. Here's the introduction:
The content industries have conspicuously failed to create a business model based on paid content over public IP networks, but still cling to the idea that those networks were created for just that use. Any software or system which might interfere with this theoretical paid content business is considered not just heretical, but probably criminal. The music and movie consortia have turned the transition to network distribution into a "with us or against us" battleground, with most of their customers fighting for the wrong side.
The whole Free Software Magazine can be downloaded here (PDF), but for an oversight, online reading and downloads of the different articles go here.
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Thru Karl Jonsson's Weblog thru A.S. Bradbury


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