Wednesday, January 12, 2005

cDc Points To Hack/Tech Audio Treasure

A tail to yesterday's post on hacktivism with a treasure of content attached to it. Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) points to the audio stream/MP3 download of the Hacktivism panel they sponsored at the Fifth HOPE conference last summer. Great insights, play it!

But that's just the tail, here comes the treasure: all the talks at the Fifth HOPE conference got an audio stream/MP3 download. An overview of the subjects and audio links can be found
here [PDF of the program]. A massive amount of subjects for hours and hours. Lots on hacking, but also on the CryptoPhone, Digital Rights Management, encryption, WiFi, Spam, DDoS, social engineering, lockpicking, privacy, (breaking) anonymous and automotive networks, how the Great Firewall works a Steve Wozniak talk and much, much more. Oh, and Jello Biafra breaks down half political-corporate America in a blitzing rant (1 - 2). A great balance between (techno-political) paranoia and hard facts.


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