Monday, January 03, 2005

State of the Blogs

To start off 2005 a link to a new PEW Internet & American Life Project study on the role of the blog in 2004 [PDF]. Slightly off topic from the regular stream on this blog, but its results put in light of my personal (non-American) blogger standing. It all fits, almost:

Blog creators are more likely to be:
Yes: Men: 57% are male
Yes: Young: 48% are under age 30
Yes: Broadband users: 70% have broadband at home
Yes: Internet veterans: 82% have been online for six years or more
No : Relatively well off financially: 42% live in households earning over $50,000
Yes: Well educated: 39% have college or graduate degrees
The report does not differentiate between the content of blogs: musings about law, sports, sex, origami, or whatever's on one's mind. It would be interesting to see some numbers on who's writing about what. For the blawgosphere I guess these numbers are right, though excellence does flow from the non-white male, money to burn, broadband-veterans. Still, a bit of the usual suspects. Hope to find some change this year.
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