Thursday, January 13, 2005

Spam Regulation: Europe and Beyond

While regularly posting links to massive papers of law pundits from far away countries it is now a great pleasure to point to a paper by someone I actually shared a room and research with: Lodewijk Asscher's Regulating Spam: Directive 2002/58 and beyond (SSRN).

Currently I'm (still) working with him on a project with the code name Code as Code, of which the papers should be published sometime this year, and be online before that. His piece for the code project is very promising, with a fresh philosophical approach to the "code is law" mantra. This spam paper is much more down to earth, dealing with European legislation, precisely dissecting the E-Privacy Directive and going beyond it, as the title states. Maybe it's subtitle should be "Everything you wanted to know about spam, and we're not afraid to give you the answers." It's very much encompassing.

As his code paper, this one is very readable and highly recommended for anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of the European approach to spam and, well, spam in general. Read the abstract through the link and, of course, read the paper.


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