Friday, January 28, 2005

Italian Lawyers Tease Copyrightholders?

A leading Italian Intellectual Property law firm celebrated the opening of its Parma office with an one-day art exhibition on copyright called RE-PRODU┬ęTION. It showed 41 modern art pieces that supposedly all offered a new take on a famous painting. According to a partner of the firm: "These works of art relate to the idea of copyright, giving all of us a fresh perspective on the topic."

Haven't seen any pictures, can't find anything on the paintings, but I wonder: was the firm ready for a little head-on with the copyrigthsholders over those reprodu┬ętions to celebrate their new office? Or were these famous paintings outside copyright's scope? And what would be the fresh perspective then? Lame ducks or lawyers on the IP frontier?


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