Friday, February 04, 2005

Dutch Pigs Push Software Propaganda & Razzias

The pigs are coming down on illegal software in Holland. The NVPI, the branch organisation of the entertainment industry, has launched a 2 million euros anti-piracy campaign this week called B.I.G.. The name is an acronym for Banish Illegal Games & Software and also the Dutch word for pig. That is about the only thing that does not stink about this campaign, because the people who have shaped and execute it are truly the filthy shit diggers they pretend to be.

B.I.G. is aimed at children and uses the proven methods of fear and intimidation. From their website (Dutch):
"Online detectives are screening the net. Offline detectives are searching the country." The B.I.G. Team is "A special elite force that you may encounter anywhere. You can encounter them on the net, on TV, at school and on the streets. Visible and invisible."
And what do these software commandos that will track down your children and scare them into legal software look like. Here are some action shots. Notice the Russian mobster look, with the impenetrable sun glasses and the mini-van to easily kidnap those kids who dare to swap a game with their friends:

[Took down picture links - see update]

Except from hiring some fancy bouncers for a photo shoot, it has contracted a national TV crime journalist (Peter R. de Vries) as the henchman of this mob. He normally presents programs on the Dutch underworld and connected executions. A subtle suggestion for the youngsters that software piracy is connected to heavy crime.

The best thing, though, is that these pigs use the old-fashioned and also well-proven Gestapo technique of recruiting your friends to spy and scare the living shit out of you.
Scare your friends with a fake e-mail, which reads that their PC or console with illegal games will be confiscated. [This is the e-mail's text:]

The online detectives of B.I.G. have heard from trusted sources that you posses illegal games and/or software. Dissemination and use of these illegal products is punishable.

This is nothing like the little weasel from the Business software Alliance (BSA). This is hardcore. These are pigs. As far as f I'm concerned these pigs are going to the slaughter house. That is the NCR, the regulartory body for commercials. I have to look into the procedural possibilities, but hese filthy swine with their fear inducing propaganda have to be knifed into smoked bacon.
- - -
Update: Technological code travels faster than legal code, as usual. The reason why I couldn't access the B.I.G. site when writing this post was that it had been hacked the same day it launched. I did not see it, but presumably a message was displayed on the site that it was hacked and the pig mascotte was depicted with a bullet through his head. The site is up and running again, so now it's for the legal code to take its turn (if ever).

Thru webwereld (Dutch)


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