Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Communication Breakdown & Surge

My server has run into some major problems yesterday, so I've not been able to post anything. After a day without a connection I could not take it anymore and ran across the street to a smoke shop, where they recently started to provide internet access. Or so I thought... After half an hour and heated debates between the Pakistani owner and his fifteen year old son, their server was still not up & running. The owner was getting visibly nervous, while his son was pulling every plug he could find in the computers. When he started to console his nephew over the telephone, with no success, I decided to head up to a second shop, also across the street.

So, now I'm typing away in a clean, futuristic looking internet/telephone house, with prayers from the Coran coming through the speakers overhead. Got some coffee from the Arabic owner, and everything is running smoothly for 1 euro an hour. Though pretty annoyed by my own communication breakdown at home, the surge of cheap internet access in my Arabic-Turkish-Pakistani-Dutch neighbourhood puts somewhat of a smile on my face. Good to see that the proliferation of the internet sets through, run by teenage boys in dark smoky shops and semi-religious phone houses.


Blogger Abrasivist said...

...and I thought the cable going out at my house was a hassle.


1/2/05 15:11  

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