Thursday, February 17, 2005

Eben Moglen Weblog: Freedom Now

Columbia Professor and Free Software propagandist Eben Moglen has a weblog: Freedom Now. When did this happen? How could I've missed it? I had not been on his Columbia site for while, though it's linked here in the right column. After reading this article/interview with Moglen on the new Software Freedom Law Center he helped create, ending with the punch line "We've got the golden egg," Moglen says. "Now, we're looking for the goslings.", I made a visit to his site. And there it was, a new link to a fresh weblog, with seemingly old content. The past postings are almost all made up of his Linux User columns, though the latest entry may promise that he will provide some "orginal" content. I'll keep on track for the rants on setting free local Starbucks by distributing WiFi cards.
- - -
Freedom Now are the last words of Moglen's brilliant -as in performance- speech at Wizards of OS3, Berlin, June 10, 2004: Die Gedanken Sind Frei: The Free Software Movement and The Struggle for Freedom of Thought (MP3). Linked to it before, listen to it now.


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