Friday, February 25, 2005

EC Investigates iTunes, EU Named Intermet Villain

At the moment the Europe Commission is confirmed to investigate the unfair pricing charge against the UK iTunes Music Store (Apple does not allow UK users to do cross-border shopping at cheaper European iTunes Music Stores), the European Union has been awarded the Internet Villain Award by the association for UK ISPs (ISPA):
"The ISPA Council awarded the Internet Villain title to the European Union for threatening the 'Country of Origin' principle, which has encouraged e-commerce across the EU, and for the Draft Framework Decision on Data Retention."
Strangely, Macworld suggests that the record fine awarded to Microsoft for "illegal anti-trust activity" (by the Commission) might be one of the reasons for the award. Still nice that the whole European Union is labeled an Internet Villain. Some good old anti-European sentiments coming from the UK Isle, or just a bad framing of words?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ISP who?

Hey, I've just invented, "The Internet Superhero" award, they have this to make up for the, "Villain" one that some council of nobodys made up.

Of course it's facetious, but I'm trying to highlight the pointlessness of awards, and the unimportance of all the official nonsense that we're told by people in what they regard as authority.

3/4/07 18:09  

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