Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Transgenic Music Activism

MP3tunes has been launched today, the DRM-free music site of Michael Robertson (former, former Linspire). He refers to iTunes as TheirTunes, for setting the (future) rules for the music you purchased. That's a nice wordplay, but let's have another one: FreeTunes. Or, more precise: Musique Libre.

Musique Libre is the name of a French music portal that offers tunes for free under, what the site calls, copyleft free licensing (that is creative commons licensing). The site is more ambitious in its ideology than the actual (amount of) music it offers, but so could be expected. At least it is clear about its standing:
Let's proclaim that music does not need horse-traders, Pharaonic investments, lawsuits, DRM, control and intimidation of the public. In the current context, it is to us all, musicians, music lovers, to build a new system, respectful of artists' rights and the public. The new trick of the majors is the music of mobile ringtones: it is not a question even more for them of selling the music like socks, but like strings of sausages. Say no to transgenic music.
Transgenic music activism?! This is trully a new one to me. And I must admit: I hate Wieners, but a good Chipolata sausage...
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Musique Libre thru Copy.cult


Blogger bituur esztreym said...

hi! how cool an appreciation and comment! we like it! just one thing :

copyleft music licensing that is, for example creative commons licensing ; there are about 10 or 12 different licences, granting different panels of rights, originated in different countries ; what nice great steps since the publishing of landmark text free music philosophy by Ram Samudrala, author also of 2001 free license for music: the FMPL, Free Music License. (2nd ever after ethymonics's FML)

our archive is growing cute, english interface coming soon: copyleft musicians join in!

11/2/05 18:20  

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