Monday, March 07, 2005

Anti-Piracy Campaign Targets Women

It's International Women's Day tomorrow, the worldwide celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women. No better moment for the German Zukunft Kino Marketing (ZKM) to launch a campaign against female pirates. Under the slogan "Female Pirates Are Also Thieves" ("Auch Raubkopiererinnen sind Verbrecherinnen") the poster above has been distributed in movie theaters and video rental shops. ZKM, an inititiative of several German film associations, which has used the piracy=theft equation over and over also lets you send propaganda e-cards with suggestive "cool slogans" to your friends: "First logged in, then locked in", "Many movies really capture you", "First a blockbuster, then block 2", "The world looks really different in 5 years time", "Do you believe I'll wait 5 years for you" and my personal favourite "Imagine, your kid learns to walk and you're not there."

Yes, again the golden duo of intimidation & fear to crush down on those pirates: you will go to jail and your loved one will leave you, while your kid grows up without you. I hope my kids won't have to grow up in a world where organisations like ZMK will dominate information freedoms with destructive opinions like "When ideas aren't protected, it is not worth to have any." When ideas aren't free, you won't have any. Same rhetoric, but for future freedom.
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ZKM site (German)
Thru Heise (German)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought copying for private use was legal in Germany?

9/3/05 02:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the last anonymous commenter's comment, yes, it is. However, that of course doesn't stop the industry from spreading FUD and trying to make people believe that it actually isn't.

10/3/05 01:32  

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