Thursday, March 10, 2005

BitTorrent ISP Raided, CEO Plays Ignorance

In Australia an ISP has been raided for adopting BitTorrent on their system. Or so the story goes:
[Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI) general manager, Michael Speck] said the investigation had found that the Torrent Web pages and Archie's Hub were hosted on the Internet by a system whose domain names were listed as being owned by Swiftel Communications and Swiftel Pty Ltd. The piracy investigations unit established that Swiftel Communications and Swiftel Broadband were wholly owned subsidiaries of People Telecom Limited.
In the meantime a People Telecom CEO, Ryan O'Hare, plays the card of ignorance:
"I've never even heard of this technology. We'll assist them with finding out who's behind it. It's obviously a hosted site by one of our users and our terms and conditions clearly state what can and can't be done."
Never even heard of BitTorrent? And this guy is running a telecom company? Still, raiding an ISP for hosting webpages that host links to infringing material is taking some great (legal) steps. Michael Speck is getting the best out of his last days at the MIPI. If he pulls off KazAa and this one he surely gets a nicely framed picture of himself in the entertainment industry's Hall of Fame.


Anonymous traman said...

hey that;s great news that torrent sites are been raided and we here as a team are happy to exhibit our partial sucess as a part of our promotional service to the media industry and mpaa ,riaa thus

well keep it up

we hope ur sucess

23/6/05 09:44  

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