Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Swedish Anti-Piracy Organisation Planted Evidence?

An insightful email from Erik was hiding in the dark of my inbox, while the news got wired all over the world (and Slashdotted). (Note to self: get email client running, check email more regularly.) Here is what Erik wrote:
Concerning the bust at the Swedish ISP Bahnhof on March 10, 2005. Today IDG Sweden reported that Bahnhof has posted their findings as a PDF (swedish) of an internal inspection and that it seems as if the Anti-Piracy Bureau of Sweden and their infiltrator "Rouge" have had some severe involvement into supporting the busted FTP server not only with hardware but with so called "warez" as well. The blog of Lars Backlund has a translated version of the interview conducted in the report of Bahnhof which is the most interesting part of the report...
Director Jon Karlung of Bahnhof, which has released the involved log files (zip) says about the infiltration and planting of evidence: "It's like handing out matches and petrol to a known pyromaniac and then reporting him to the police when he burns a house down."

As mentioned in news paper The Local (linked above): "if APB were found to have planted evidence then individuals there would be facing charges of incitement to commit a crime and of being an accessory to that crime."

This would be a true backslash for the anti-piracy organisation AntipiratbyrÄ (APB), which is currently also investigated by the Swedish Data Inspection Board and the National Post and Telecom Agency for breaking data protection laws.
More to come...
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(Belated thanks Erik)


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