Friday, April 08, 2005

Finnish DrinkOrDie Crackers Acquitted

A Finnish court of appeals has acquitted two members of a DrinkOrDie group from copyright infringement. The two were convicted with two others in 2003, but appealed. From the news article:
The court noted that the men, known as "crackers", did not personally benefit from the pirate copies, and that they were only distributed to a small group rather than to the public at large. They used computers at a vocational college in Kuopio to download, "crack" and distribute files.

The men were associated with DrinkOrDie, a global organisation that distributed illegal files known as "warez". It was broken up around the turn of the millennium by law enforcement agencies in various countries, including the United States and Australia.
Last month the leader of an Australian DrinkOrDie group lost an appeal against extradition to the US for copyright infringement. With these kind of Finnish rulings one can imagine why the US tries to get alledged infringers within its juridical (and penal) reach.
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Thru Karl Jonsson's Weblog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF? People can't just go and convert the scene back to the way it was in the bbs days back when it actually costed someone to crack sh*t and host it. That was the reason why people used to only allow certain people to there releases becuase it would cost them BIG F***ING money. Now I am not saying that the scene should run by p2p addict but shit without p2p, the scene could have never exploded the way it did. People also think that p2p has contributed to more bust's in the scene, when it has provided a level of anomity for realeasing sh*T . U want to go back to the old ways, then u obvisly haven't been in the scene long enough and deserve to get busted. -anon. long time scene member

3/1/06 05:04  

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