Friday, April 15, 2005

Jot: More Cracking of Napster's WMA DRM

Derek Slater of A Copyfighter's Musings chats with PyMusique/Musik coder Cody Brocious on the cracking of Napster's WMA DRM:
You have to have paid for the songs first to do this circumvention, because the keys have to be retrieved from Napster. This tool will actually circumvent and remove the DRM, rather than recording from the sound card or employing other similar workarounds to create unencrypted files. The tool will not circumvent Napster To Go songs using Janus DRM, which is WMA DRM v10 and different from the DRM applied to Light and Premium songs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

musicstacker works for all types of DRM.

It will create a copy that has no drm

6/2/06 23:36  

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