Thursday, April 14, 2005

PyMusique Creators Crack Napster DRM

The creators of PyMusique have now focussed on Napster, and reportedly cracked its DRM to make it work with Linux:
[I]n the process of making PyMusique work with Napster, the group have broken the Digital Rights Management (DRM) system that the company uses. Unlike Apple's iTunes, the DRM is applied 'server-side', making the decryption process a lot more complicated. The team have formulated a method for removing the DRM on WMA files allowing them to play on non-Windows systems.

Amazingly, [PyMusique creator] Brocious says the DRM crack could be applied to other stores (MSN Music, Napster, Wall mart) using the WMA file format; "we would have to figure out how to get their license keys, which is a relatively trivial process".


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