Friday, April 08, 2005

Monopoly "Modder" Gets Out of Jail Free Card

Ever felt the frustration of getting milked by your opponents' endless rows of hotels and houses while playing Monopoly? The maker of RadGames' Super Add-Ons apparently did, and decided to add some extra game play to the mother of all capitalistic games. Monopoly manufacturer Hasbro was not amused by this "modding" and wanted to send RadGames to Go to jail for trademark and copyright infringement. It got a temporary restraining order and RadGames had to stop producing its Monopoly compatible board game.

However, this week the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York lifted the order and refused to enter into a preliminary injunction, noting that:
"RADgames has added a new, original creation to the market which is designed for use with the plaintiff's product but is distinctive in its own right."
And, it may prove to bring extra value to owners of the original Monopoly, increase the popularity and sales of Monopoly itself and, finally, bring a solution to thousands of boards being toppled out of sheer frustration over getting squeezed to the bone for your last Monopoly dollar.
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RadGames' press release and site


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two things here:

a} It was due in part to an Earlier ruling by the Supreme Court with respect to Dr. Ralph Anspach and Parker Brothers that Monopoly was played long before Darrow presented the Atlantic City Quaker School Friends' Version to Parker Brothers and did not tell PB about it ... HASBRO To this very day has not acknowledged the fact that Anspach won the case and paved the way for future development of the game of monopoly.

Note Carefully the words ... this product iS DESIGNED for USE WITH he plaintiff,s product but is distictive in its own right.


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