Friday, April 22, 2005

Videotron: Canada's Industry Service Provider

If you're a Canadian and appalled by the erratic behaviour of a group of ISPs putting up a fight for your privacy rights, be sure to consider Videotron. Videotron hands over the data of its customers with due speed when requested. Under the motto "Videotron agrees to protect its clients' privacy, Videotron does not agree to protect its clients piracy" [PDF], this ISP will not seek judgments, but let the entertainment industry judge over its customers. Videotron has made up its mind about your rights, while other ISPs say that they are "not in a position to make a determination if some activity is legal or illegal. Certainly if the court determines that it's illegal (to upload to Kazaa) we will respond to it." Videotron provides clarity in muddy times.

While Videotron is happy to take care of your rights, it is even more enjoyed by looking after those of the entertainment industry. No wonder that Videotron's lawyer, Serge Sasseville, is bewildered that other service providers would not do so, especially as they provide access to the pipes through which they push their own content:
It's peculiar, added Sasseville, that the ISPs are fighting the order so fiercely since many of them own entertainment subsidiaries that produce TV and film content that's increasingly being downloaded online for free.
Choose Videotron. Choose copyright over privacy piracy.


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