Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lack of P2P Control Threat to Asian Governments

The deputy director-general of WIPO's regional Asian office, Geoffrey Yu, has a hard time with the increasing internet access and predict governments will have so too:
"It’s only a matter of time that illegal downloading becomes the longer-term threat to the governments in Asia,"


"Soon, we won’t be having large scale commercial operators pirating music and movies in large concentrated warehouses but we'll see millions of individuals doing the same in their own homes. That's actually a bigger threat because it's harder to control."
Set aside the questionable equation of large scale commercial pircay and individual file-sharing, one can wonder about the suggestiveness of this "hard-to-control" threat (to governements even). Should the threat be countered by imposing controls? Should increased internet access come with increased control over that access? A tuned-down internet for the masses that are getting a taste of the "forbidden fruits" of file-sharing? I guess Yu is only expressing his frustration, but coming from a represenative of a supra-national IP body this kind of unsubtle talk is something to watch. Even if it isn't that surprising.


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