Wednesday, June 15, 2005

MPAA President Sees Communist Connection with P2P

The President of the Motion Picture Association of America, Dan Glickman, spreads more of the same rhetoric at the eve of the MGM v. Grokster decision by the US Supreme Court. In a speech yesterday he suggested a link between P2P and communism, heated up the cold war and warned for a decline of freedom.
"Shall we keep in place legal protections that promote the free market, or shall we tear down those protections in such a way as to allow the black market to prosper and dominate?" he asked. "If we have learned anything over the past 50 years with the collapse of communism and the triumph of free-market capitalism, we have learned that abusing private property rights actually leads to less creativity, less technological development and less freedom."
Yeh, black-white, capitalism-communism, control-freedom, left-right, up-down. More constructive polarization for a better digital age. Will somebody ever start the fire to melt down the copyright poles?


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