Wednesday, June 29, 2005

RealNetworks Markets Grokster

RealNetworks apparently uses the Grokster decision to market its own Rhapsody 25 music service. According to Brandweek it ran a full-page ad in the LA Times, New York Times and USA Today. I haven't seen it, but here's a description:
Creative for the print ad shows the names of bands forming a judge's gavel. Copy reads: "THE DECISION IS IN. THE BEST CHOICE FOR FREE, LEGAL DIGITAL MUSIC IS RHAPSODY. On Monday, the Supreme Court made its decision. Now you can make yours by going to It's the only place where you can get free and legal access to over 1,000,000 songs, and share music with your friends. Great music whenever you want it. No hassles."
If you haven't seen it either, don't worry that you might miss out on making your own decision. RealNetworks also plans to lure you to its service by deploying "an aggressive search-term campaign that capitalizes on the ruling". They're at it again: the big words of "free(dom)" and "choice" and the capitalization on another company's success. Or in this case, legal missery. Makes no difference to RealNetworks; just playing the game.


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