Thursday, June 23, 2005

US Federal Trade Commission P2P Report

The day the US Supreme Court's decision in MGM v. Grokster did not come down the US Federal Trade Commission issued a report on its December 2004 workshop on P2P file sharing: Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Technology: Consumer Protection and Competition Issues [PDF]. At a first glance it doesn't seem to bring much exiting stuff, though it tries to present the opposing views of the debate. A little less prudence would have been nice:
Given the legal uncertainties pending the [Supreme] Court’s [MGM v. Grokster] decision, FTC staff concludes that it would not be prudent to draw conclusions or make recommendations regarding the intellectual property issues raised by P2P file sharing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fanatics of the P2P super power gave birth to the devil.
It is the strongest P2P file sharing system Share NT.
And, Because UDP is used, even the band limiting that the internet service provider does is exceeded.

Share (P2P) - Wikipedia

9/10/07 15:41  

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