Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jot: Debunking MPAA's Crack Down Claims

The Motion Picture Association of America cracks down on a DVD plant, apparently makes up some bogus claims and the plant owner has to do damage control in a press release:
"The MPAA release falsely claimed that the 'High Tech Task Force stamped out an illegal DVD/CD replicating plant.' This is categorically not true. Our business is to duplicate material for customers who own the copyright and material that is in the public domain. By these false allegations, the MPAA has slandered our name and reputation and damaged the business that my husband and I spent 14 years to build"


Anonymous Bill Godfrey said...

Whose press release is it?

22/6/05 23:02  
Blogger Rik Lambers said...

Follow the link in the title of the post. It's New Century Media Corporation's press release.

23/6/05 10:47  

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