Sunday, August 07, 2005

Diving in to Resurface

Blogging has cooled off here for the last few weeks. It will be getting cooler. A year ago this month, I started my first post by writing: "I'm jumping into the death pool. Ready to swim some laps between the forgotten and soon-to-be forgotten voices in the blogosphere. Don't know where I'm heading, or how fast I'll sink to the bottom."

The death pool has proved to be more alive than I initially thought and experienced. And the swimming will continue, but in wilder waters. From the relative tranquility as a researcher, I'll start to work at a law firm specialized in technology tomorrow. Leaving the ivory tower, to dwell where the law is bent, formed and tested to breaking point. Maybe less opportunities for reflection, but more action and, in the end, more satisfaction.

I'll have to see how this plays out for blogging, since time will become a luxury more than ever. Probably less postings, and possibly on other topics. So, yet again, don't know where I'm heading, but I'll frequently resurface from the bottom to present some shiny coral from the fields of law and technology.


Anonymous Branko Collin said...

I do hope you'll still have time to clear out your comment spam from time to time. :-)

What does your employer think of you blogging about issues that are possibly work-related? Has that even come up?

Also, if your work hinders your blogging, you are obviously doing something wrong. ;-)

9/8/05 17:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe baan! Hoop dat het niet leidt tot censuur. Groet, Christiaan A.Th.

9/8/05 20:04  
Anonymous Rik Lambers said...

@ Branko: I don't expect, nor intend, to do specific work-related blogging. What's specific will (have to) show itself. More restraint and a finer line to walk, but don't think it to be burdensome in the end. Just more info, and a practical touch. (BTW, that was my first true comment spam.)

@ Chris: Dank je! Advocatuur & blogs zijn te combineren, als je zelf bewijst. Censuur zit in de tijd, of he gebrek daaraan, lijkt me. Spreek je.

9/8/05 20:50  
Anonymous Donna Wentworth said...

Your blog has been a wonderful find for me - I'm relieved you're not giving it up entirely :-)

10/8/05 17:30  

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