Wednesday, October 05, 2005 Smells Like Chanel No. 5

Finally! A date has been set for the registration of the .eu domain name. I'm so excited! At last the wait is over: here comes, for all your insights from European soil. Well, that is if a French fasion house and cosmetic concern, or some coconut manufacturer, doesn't get the idea to registrate before I get a chance. Because, "to prevent that organisations and companies will be the victim of cybersquatters", the rules of commerce have been laid out to dominate the .eu domain.

These so-colled Sunrise rules devide the resistration in three phases:
First phase: public organisations and trademark holders can apply for registration
Second phase: others that have legal claims can apply (company name, artistic name)
Third phase: four months after the start of the first phase anyone can register (April 7th 2006)
I'll let you know if I can beat commerce the French coconut farmers make it. Till then, same or alternate place for a long time.
- - -
Background paper sunrise rules [PDF]


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