Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Incompatible Virtual World

Michael Geist's blog points to a streaming of a debate on music file sharing he attended at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law: Rocking in the Not-so-free Virtual World. Great! But they'd better rename it Rocking in the Not-so-compatible Virtual World. Provided by the Centre for Flexible learning, the streaming is hardly flexible: a PC, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player are required. So, what does that say to the multimillion downloaders of Firefox? Or users or other browsers and non- WMP users, presumably many of whom are highly interested in this topic? Does this Centre for Not-So-Flexible learning miss a tipping point, or am I just on a rant here? Probably, but I streamed the Grey Video of DJ Danger Mouse's Beatles/Jay-Z mashup "instead". That is Rocking in a Free Virtual World.

Update: As expected the site for the Grey Video has gone down. BoingBoing points to mirrors and torrents...


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