Wednesday, March 16, 2005

In-Theatre Anti-Piracy LEDs

Yesterday Permlight Products announced the introduction of a new LED system aimend at stopping movie piracy in theaters:
The Permlight Products Enbryten Piracy line of Anti-Piracy products uses OSRAM's recently introduced thin film infrared power LED technology to transmit a safe, harmless and human invisible signal into movie audiences to wash out any silicon CCD based digital camcorders. The line of proprietary and patent pending anti-piracy technology uses a randomly generated pulsing algorithm that powers up to one hundred OSRAM Infrared Dragon LEDs using the new thin film technology. The Enbryten Piracy system does not affect infrared based video surveillance or hearing impaired audio systems. [...] Each system consists of multiple nodes which use their own randomly generated signal so that each and every system is unique and different making it impossible for pirates to thwart.
Guess those movie pirates will be doing a lot of analog-to-digital-video-coversion if this scheme is pulled off.
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Related: A Wired article on the PiratEye, another in-theatre anti-piracy system.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or just use a filter to block all infrared --

This system will have the same problems as any watermarking system that uses something outside of human perception. Just modify the recording device to better emulate human perception and it will ignore the watermark as well.

21/3/05 16:46  

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