Friday, March 25, 2005

INDICARE Article Flow

The new INDICARE Monitor has come out. The articles have been online for some while and will soon be available in PDF. For now they can be read online at the INDICARE site.

From the editorial:
Apart from payments and DRMs, the current issue continues debate about DRM patents, requirements of the European Copyright Directive (EUCD), and adds a further comment on the first INDICARE State Of the Art Report - this time from the IT-industry side. We also introduce a newly emerging DRM topic, namely the use of DRM systems for computer games, and we present a straight forward economic analysis of DRM by two French researchers involved in the European IST project MediaNet.
The article titles are:
  • How to implement copyright exceptions in DRM systems
  • Where do DRM- and e-payment systems meet?
  • The case of Half-Life 2
  • Economic analysis of DRMs roll-out over the Internet
  • Better take a long tail look… (INDICARE Report Comments-RL]
  • Comparing the EUCD implementation of various Member States
  • E-Payment and DRM – Integration needed
  • Critical review of MPEG LA software patent claims


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