Wednesday, March 23, 2005

PyMusique Coder: "The DRM means nothing to us"

An interview with one of the PyMusique coders, the 17 year old high shool student Codi Brocious, can be found at Neowin. Brocious claims that the project wasn't about the DRM, but about making iTunes available for Linux:
I believe that content owners/distributors have the right to apply DRM, just like people have the right to remove it. Personally, I don't mind the DRM being there as I’m an iPod user. If Apple put the DRM on server-side, we'd leave it there. We simply want to buy files. It wasn't a DRM issue until people started making it one. It's not about DRM in the least, really. [...] We just want to be able to purchase songs from iTMS on Linux. [bold in original - RL]
And to Apple:
We will work with you, if you let us. If they want us to apply DRM on the client in exchange for not breaking support for us constantly, we'll do it. (Not that people can't just go into the source and remove it)
Kinda sounds like blackmail...
- - -
Later: Statement on the project by Brocious, who calls himself Lord Daeken M. BlackBlade


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how someone could think of blackmail in this case is beyond me

24/3/05 20:21  

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