Friday, April 29, 2005

Few More Insights in Google Digitization Project

The latest issue of Cites & Insights has a report on a presentation by a Google and University of Michigan library representative on the Google Digitization Project, providing a few semi-insights:
  • Google indemnified the University of Michigan against any legal issues that arise from copyrights.
  • All the participating libraries and Google sent letters to the U.S. legislature requesting resolution of the orphan copyright issues. Google is encouraging a database of copyrights so that libraries and others can determine easily if a work is protected by copyright.
  • [The librarian] says that the project has already proven to be a factor in driving clarification of intellectual property rights, including the orphan copyright issue.
  • When books appear in Google search results, there is also a link to the record in Open WorldCat ( to assist users in finding the book in local libraries.


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