Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More Kids Propaganda on World Intellectual Property Day

Someone actually commemorates toaday's World Intellectual Property Day: the Business Software Alliance (BSA). Its President and CEO Robert Holleyman says:
"We must continue our shared public-private efforts to deter piracy and promote intellectual property rights in every corner of the globe. Our children's ability to learn, create and innovate must be protected now and in the decades ahead."
To protect our children's future the BSA has initiated several educational propaganda programs. Besides the already well-know weasel of the Play It Cybersafe campaign, there are various European initiatives in which the BSA teams up with other piracy fighters. The Italian Controla Pirateria is riddled with references to popular (sci-fi) culture and has its mascot doing battle with some monstrous P2P mainframe machine:

Not so cool as its Italian counterpart, but still pretty mind bending, are the comics from the Taiwanese Right Click campaign. The cops actually pop up through your screen when you make a "wrong click":

For the older kids there's BSA's higher education program Define the Line "that emphasizes the importance of using software legally and being good cyber citizens." For those good cyber citizens visiting the site and taking its quick poll the line is pretty thick and sharp:

Do you think there are negative consequences of illegally downloading or sharing commercial software?
YES 4%

Votes Cast as of 04/26/05: 4043
Still much to educate propagate till next year's World IP day, I guess.


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