Thursday, April 28, 2005

Free Must-Have DRM Article Collection

The first volume of the INDICARE Monitor has been bundled into a massive PDF and is up for download under a Creative Commons license: 62 articles, 230 pages with keyword and names index on a wide range of DRM topics.

From the introduction:

In our view the INDICARE Monitor turned out to be among others a place,
  • where empirical consumer research is reviewed and presented,
  • where young researchers working on DRM can present original ideas and research,
  • where interesting interviews with key persons in the field take place,
  • where European and US debate meet,
  • where different approaches of value-centred DRM systems design are presented and scrutinized, and
  • where you can find information about DRM events which are not covered elsewhere (e.g. workshop and conference reports).
In my view this is great stuff up for grabs! But then I'm a bit biased...


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